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Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was?

Thinking of going to Croatia on holiday? Read this piece by Diamond Walid and see if you fit into the rather narrow range of sexual and racial acceptability demanded by Croatian youths on the lookout for victims (you know, the kind … Continue reading

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Quotas: footnote

It looks like it’s all to do with numbers. How many people come in, how many people are forced to leave. Alemanno says he’s going to expel 20,000 illegal immigrants from Rome and I wonder how he arrived at this … Continue reading

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We live in interesting times, as the Chinese curse has it. A few months ago, after reading about the treatment meted out to refugees in Britain and thinking about the mood of anti-refugee rage I encounter so often when I’m … Continue reading

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Warwick Collins: Gents

Cottaging – the use of public lavatories for fugitive sexual encounters – can be thrilling, titillating, dangerous, delusory, exquisite, sordid, debasing, indescribably erotic, and all these things at once. I should know. I spent a brief summer over thirty years … Continue reading

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