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Two years ago I was at the Mantova Literary Festival to promote the Italian translation of The View from the Tower (Occasioni di Morte, published by Voland). I was talking with Marcello Fois, the Sardinian novelist and journalist Carlo Annese, … Continue reading

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A writer’s life

I just make Facebook friends with fiction writer Viet Dinh and what’s the first thing I do? Steal this cartoon from his excellent blog, that’s what. How do I live with myself?

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Yes, my neighbour…

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Margaret Drabble claims that her publishers, Penguin, are trying to persuade her to dumb her work down and increase sales. She spoke to the Independent: “I do feel publishers are under very strong pressure to sell books rather than encourage … Continue reading

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Pure as the driven slush

There’s an interesting post by Mary Jones on the Picador blog, about slush piles (which gives me the opportunity to recycle in my title Tallulah Bankhead’s pitiless analysis of herself). If you read it, don’t miss my comment. Talking about … Continue reading

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Fame – elixir of youth

As you can see from this photograph, being published has had an oddly rejuvenating effect on me. Courtesy of Mistress Montagiste (you know who you are!)

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There’s an interesting piece in today’s Guardian CiF by Mark Lawson. Entitled How fiction lost the plot, it looks at the presumed sorry state of modern fiction publishing and runs through the usual suspects: cliquishness, discrimination, book prize juries descending … Continue reading

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Pip-pipped at the post

Publishing news. Picador has decided to scrap the traditional first-hardback-then-paperback process for literary fiction and to bring out almost all its novels in paperback editions from the outset, producing only a limited run of luxury hardbacks for collectors. The first … Continue reading

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The benefits of a university education

Shortly before New Writing 15 came out in June, I entered the title into Google to see what pre-publication attention, if any, it was getting. The faint, almost inaudible buzz I did find came from the blogs of a handful … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful, if you’re Peter Kay

This article will probably have been blogged by just about every struggling writer in the English-speaking world. So why should I be left out? Sob. Any ideas who ‘Jane’ might be?

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