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One of the many odd notions peculiar to the religious mindset is that pain is a good thing. This isn’t the same as masochism, which allows that pain is fun, a source of gratification, etc. but does not, I think, … Continue reading

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Vatican update!

The Vatican has been having a bit of a rough time these past few days. News arrives from Poland that the ‘miracle‘ needed to sanctify GP2 smells a bit fishy, news that has been roundly denied by B16. In 2006, … Continue reading

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Nice one, Pat

I haven’t posted a video by Pat Condell recently, so here’s his latest.

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Sniff, sniff

First item on the lunchtime news programme on RAI 1 today was a hurriedly organised photo opportunity for Berlusconi and Benedict 16 at Rome’s second airport. B16 said it was a ‘joy’ to see Berlusconi, who responded with a cheesy … Continue reading

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The right of the strongest

There’s a typically Italian kerfuffle going on here at the moment about the authorisation of Ru486, the pill that induces abortion. It’s used pretty much everywhere in the developed world, but Italy’s taken its time about saying yes, for obvious … Continue reading

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Succour, always succour

No dears, he’s broken his wrist….. (My thanks for this wonderful image to Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy.)

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One hand clapping

You’ve been waiting for me to post some nasty little comment about the Pope’s fractured wrist, haven’t you? Some spiked gratuitous remark about repetitive strain injury. A snide reference to the lovely Georg, at the holy one’s side. The fact … Continue reading

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A couple of nights ago, while reporting in its usual brown-nosing way on Ratzinger’s visit to France, Italy’s TG2, the state-run evening news programme, talked about the ‘appearance’ of the Madonna at Lourdes. Except that, the way it was said, … Continue reading

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Italian actress, comedian and satirist Sabina Guzzanti‘s in trouble. The last time old broom (read: Berlusconi) swept clean (read: ensure that all critical voices on state television had their contracts pulled from under them) she must have been on sabbatical … Continue reading

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