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I started translating Genet’s poems, in a spirit of wilful inaccuracy, in Cambridge in 1974, and stopped four years later, in the winter of 1978, in a high-rise flat in Portugal. In 1980, I was teaching in northern Italy and … Continue reading

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Poets on Pasolini

The British Film Institute has been running a season of films by Pier Paolo Pasolini recently. As a side-dish to the season, Simon Barraclough was asked to round up a bunch of poets and see what kind of work Pasolini’s … Continue reading

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Ghosts of a Low Moon: An interview with Andrew Oldham

I’ve recently read Andrew Oldham’s debut poetry collection, Ghosts of a Low Moon, published by Lapwing. It’s an impressive collection, moving with ease from what might appear at first glance to be unmediated social realism to moments of great lyricism, … Continue reading

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John Wilkinson, The Enigma of the Hour

This isn’t a review, but a fond acknowledgement to an old friend, and poet. I’m touched and honoured that John Wilkinson should have dedicated this extraordinary ode to me. You can read it here. I’d say more, but there’s no need; … Continue reading

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Readings of Genet (mine)

Forgive my absence. If this blog were a different kind of open book from the one it is, I’d have a lot to tell, but, post-Diana, and unfashionably, I’ve opted for discretion. Which means that all I’m using it for … Continue reading

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dsh, or seduction in lower case

I’ve been shamefully absent from this blog recently, but, in partial recompense, here’s the chance to read a piece I wrote for the first number of the resurrected Cambridge Literary Review about my memories of the concrete poet and Benedictine … Continue reading

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RIP Harold Norse

I’M NOT A MAN I’m not a man, I can’t earn a living, buy new things for my family. I have acne and a small peter. I’m not a man. I don’t like football, boxing and cars. I like to … Continue reading

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In the stump of the old tree

I’ve just come across a Guardian blogpost by Billy Mills about the pleasure of discovering little-known writers, in which he mentions Hugh Sykes Davies, pictured above in the grounds of St John’s, Cambridge, where he taught. Like Billy, I first … Continue reading

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Creative Accounting

The last three posts come from a collection of poems I wrote some years ago called Creative Accounting. At the time the expression was new and I was thrilled to be able to use it. Now, of course, as the … Continue reading

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I’ve just discovered that Philip K. Dick once shared a house with Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. The same source, an LRB article by Stephen Burt about Dick (3 July 2008), tells me that the SF author believed that radios … Continue reading

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