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Me again

Another self-promoting post, I’m afraid. Here’s a two-page glimpse of the first number of the new Cambridge Literary Review, which not only contains this poem, written in 1973, but also a memoir of my meeting with the concrete poet Dom … Continue reading

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What Lawrence might have called a pansy

You can find the first poem of mine to be published  in the last few years – by anyone other than me, that is – on Fiona Robyn’s endlessly delightful site, a handful of stones. Thank you, Fiona, for rescuing me from … Continue reading

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The final three sections of my poem sequence The Golden Fleece. The earlier parts can be found here: Jason 1, Medea, Chiron. I suggest you start with those (in that order). HERCULES   1 Apples. Bread. Wine. And the camps … Continue reading

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A Letter Home

What’s said remains in the idea of a certain generosity of saying it, of speech. The sink’s been blocked for a week and not until yesterday   did we get some acid. I’m glad you’re in love. Will it last … Continue reading

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Keeping in Touch

There is also the utterance of the fool’s music to be listened to with as great attention as you give your own   flat or mysterious dreams. Invention on the edge of the void. Stars on the line speak tersely … Continue reading

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Under the Day

In the early light of the morning, for instance, it remained as a wish to be companionable and was straightaway erased and there was the pentimento   which was only a come stain on the sheet fondly ‘remade’ as a … Continue reading

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Erotic verse

A little bit late, but I wonder if anyone else reading the Guardian’s guide to writing poetry last week noticed the wonderful misprint on page 19. It comes in the trickle of text to the left of the main body … Continue reading

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"a sense today"

An illuminating post from Lally’s Alley, with extracts from work by Nathan Kernan and Bill Corbett that do exactly what extracts should do: make you want to read the rest. The title to this post comes from one of them.

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His Life as the Beast

This is probably the only form in which my collected poems will ever see publication, so enjoy them while you can.

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Two days in London

…actually, one and a half days in London, but they followed the same rough pattern as the two days I spent there last autumn and I’m just so self-referential I couldn’t pass this one up. You can find out what … Continue reading

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