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Picador Day

A little public announcement here for you, folks. I’ll be taking part in an event called Picador Day at Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London, on 20 March. You can find the whole programme here, and it looks well worth attending. … Continue reading

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The Fiction Desk interview

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Rob, the man behind one of the most interesting and wide-ranging literary blogs around, The Fiction Desk. We had an excellent lunch and talked about, among other things, writing, publishing strategies, … Continue reading

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Just in case

Just in case you weren’t quite convinced by the short piece in the Bookseller a couple of weeks ago, here’s confirmation from my agent, the wonderful Isobel Dixon of Blake Friedmann, that Picador really have bought my new novel. That’s … Continue reading

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Reading group? Listen up!

If you’re a member of a reading group, or would like to set one up, or know anyone who’s already a member of a reading group, or think your next-door neighbour may once have belonged to a reading group, or … Continue reading

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Summer reading

If you’d like to know my views on holiday reading – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? – you can find them on the Picador blog by clicking here. (I thought it might be nice to illustrate this post with … Continue reading

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Pure as the driven slush

There’s an interesting post by Mary Jones on the Picador blog, about slush piles (which gives me the opportunity to recycle in my title Tallulah Bankhead’s pitiless analysis of herself). If you read it, don’t miss my comment. Talking about … Continue reading

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Roof stuff

Last September, I posted a piece about the legal problems we were having with the roof of our house here in Fondi. It’s a long, and painful, story and if you don’t remember the details I suggest you click here. … Continue reading

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Books of the year

Picador asked me to write something about the books I’ve most enjoyed this year. I did. You can read it here.

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Little Monsters update

Little Monsters has been described by a certain Caitriona (thank you, Caitriona!) as a tear-jerker on the Picador blog. The novel’s made me cry in the past for a variety of reasons, but it’s slightly disconcerting (and, of course, wholly … Continue reading

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Pip-pipped at the post

Publishing news. Picador has decided to scrap the traditional first-hardback-then-paperback process for literary fiction and to bring out almost all its novels in paperback editions from the outset, producing only a limited run of luxury hardbacks for collectors. The first … Continue reading

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