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These days, to imagine a world in which you don’t exist is to imagine a world in which you have never been photographed. We’re so used to seeing ourselves, stabilised by selfies, profile photos, snapchat, looped snippets of movement on … Continue reading

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It’s all in the name

Brilliantly spotted – and titled – by Jane in Stoke Newington (and I hope we’re not trespassing on Ms Baroque territory, particularly as it’s her birthday today!).

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Naples, 21-22 March 2009

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Feeling thorny?

Digital cameras and cheap air travel have so much to answer for. If you find this photograph amusing you’re probably reading the wrong blog or having an off day. If you don’t find it amusing but would still like to … Continue reading

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Isn’t this wonderful! It’s the winning portrait in this year’s Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. His name is Troublemaker and he’s a young adult Sulawesi black-crested macaque. The photographer is Stefano Unterthiner of Italy. (Thanks to … Continue reading

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Colour chart, Colchester

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Gloss on previous posts

The last three posts are fairly cryptic, I admit, and require some knowledge not only of Italian but also of the retailing practices of UK barbers in the 60s. The photographs were taken in the delightful town of Priverno, within … Continue reading

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Hot sex in San Francisco

David Isaak has recently said that the mere mention of sex in a title can increase the number of hits a blog gets exponentially. The title to this post is thus intended to lure unwitting sex fiends, particularly those based … Continue reading

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