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Hate (crimes) postscript

Come on, you don’t need me to translate this for you. Make an effort. Sweat a little. After all, you never know how useful these very words might be on your next trip to Italy. You might bump into a … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? The same old cop-out

Forget PACS (What do you mean, you already have?) Forget DICO (Eat more fish!). The latest acronym to tantalise and tease us, as Dame Shirley Bassey might have put it, is CUS. It stands for Contratto di Unione Solidale (Solid … Continue reading

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DICO SI… with reservations

Finally an acronym that has a sense to it. DICO (short for dichiarazione di convivenza, or ‘declaration of cohabitation’) looks set to replace PACS as the shorthand for civil unions in Italy. The word’s particularly appropriate because it means ‘I … Continue reading

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Blair yes, Zapatero no

It’s odd that whenever people want to attack the idea of ‘gay marriage’ the stick they use to beat it with bears the smiling Bambi head of Zapatero. The fact that civil partnerships have also been introduced to England under … Continue reading

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Towards the watershed…

The latest news is that a Cabinet meeting this afternoon may reach a decision on the civil union bill. Let’s hope it isn’t in Latin.

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God’s ferret strikes again

Cardinal Ruini appears to have made use of L’Avvenire, the Vatican newspaper, in his latest offensive against civil unions. An unsigned editorial (but undoubtedly the ferret’s work) threatens that the kind of legal recognition of unmarried couples likely to be … Continue reading

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What’s civil about this?

The government is still arguing about exactly what to do with all these people who just don’t want to get married and breed. And not only the government. The Italian president, ex-communist Giorgio Napolitano, threw in his tuppenny-hapenny worth a … Continue reading

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God’s ferret

Cardinal Ruini was on the news last night. If Ratzinger is God’s Rotweiller, he must be God’s ferret, skinny and fast enough to get into the tightest of holes and root out heretics. It’s an ever-growing category, always one step … Continue reading

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