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Well, it’s good to be reminded once again who really runs Italy. When it emerged that the Treasury was planning to reduce the amount of funding provided by the Italian state to catholic schools, it took no more than a … Continue reading

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It’s the money, stupid

Clemente Mastella, ex-minister of justice and the man who brought down Prodi’s government, isn’t just a consummately self-regarding politician. He’s also a newspaper editor. Like all Italian parties, UDEUR, Mastella’s gang of hangers-on, cronies and relatives, has the right to … Continue reading

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I’ve no doubt Ratzinger had a word to say about family values to the masses gathered today beneath his balcony. He works so much better with a friendly audience, even when they do know most of the jokes. There’s a … Continue reading

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Pontifical knickers twisted

Editorialist for La Repubblica and one of Italy’s sharpest journalists, Curzio Maltese, has been looking at the way Italian taxpayers contribute, largely without their direct consent, to the Vatican’s bulging coffers. The money collected by the catholic church each year … Continue reading

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Good riddance to…

…Leona Helmsley, the hatchet-faced parasite who said that paying taxes was for the ‘little people’ and left her dog $12 million. Maybe they’ll bag her ashes in one of those neat little sachets designed for pooches’ poo.

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Rufus Wainwright: Going to a Town

I’ve always liked the idea of Rufus Wainwright. I’ve loved his parents for over thirty years. I think his version of King of the Road, with the wonderful Teddy Thompson, on the wonderful soundtrack of that absolutely wonderful film Brokeback … Continue reading

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Time and money

I have Tom Raworth to thank for leading me to this as well, by Ed Dorn: Beau Coup For the capitalist, time is money(he bets by the hour, lately by the minute)For the artist money is time For more by … Continue reading

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