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Wil the real Maggie Gallagher fuck off?

My Facebook friends will already have seen this video, but why keep all the good stuff for them? It’s funny, and sad, and harrowing and you don’t need to have seen the sanctimonious bitch’s original video to appreciate it – … Continue reading

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Bible-based marriage

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but I don’t want anyone to miss it, so I decided to put it here too.

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Marriage, shmarriage

The joy of Obama’s victory has been slightly soured by the votes in California and elsewhere against gay marriages, confirmation – if that were needed – of Obama’s extraordinary ability to draw on a wide variety of constituencies, including many … Continue reading

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Postscript to postscript

Sorry about this – and believe me, I really am trying to move on – but I was so appalled by this example of partisan journalism, in a country that knows little else, that I felt I had to share … Continue reading

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Well said!

Sometimes you read a response to idiocy that is so complete, so elegant, so conclusive that it makes your heart sing. Well, my heart sang out loud when I came across this comment to a post by a religious nutter … Continue reading

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First stop: Ireland

Dublin airport comes as a shock: in a world that’s gone haywire with security measures while fast-tracking anything in a burka—male or female, in YSL knickers or gelignite corsets—an entirely pleasant one. We’re bussed to what would normally be the … Continue reading

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Commonplaces: Marriage

January 4 1976 Marriage is ultimately an agreement – or conspiracy – between two people to treat each other as having each the right to be loved absolutely. If there is not this understanding, there is no marriage; if there … Continue reading

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Moral relativism

The Secretary of the CEI (Italian Bishops’ Council) has just announced — from a pulpit, no less — that abortion, euthanasia and moral relativism are the enemies of Christianity. He went on to explain that what he actually means by … Continue reading

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Blair yes, Zapatero no

It’s odd that whenever people want to attack the idea of ‘gay marriage’ the stick they use to beat it with bears the smiling Bambi head of Zapatero. The fact that civil partnerships have also been introduced to England under … Continue reading

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Love tiff at Arcore

I’m not quite convinced by this story. Berlusconi’s wife has suffered in silence all these years, even putting up with her husband’s insinuations that she’s having an affair with Massimo Cacciari, philosopher and Mayor of Venice. Now she loses her … Continue reading

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