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According to an article in today’s Independent, Maria Vittoria Brambilla, the Italian minister for tourism (seen here discussing policy with her employer), has announced that the Palio di Siena, the traditional horse races that occupy the city’s main square for … Continue reading

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Via Parlamento

I took this photograph on the day it was announced that the leader of the regional parliament of Sicily was being investigated for Mafia connections. He isn’t the first: his baby-faced predecessor was famously photographed offering his partners in crime … Continue reading

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Kapow! Biff! Clunk!

Berlusconi and his trained seal, justice minister Alfano, have been crowing about their latest victories against the Mafia – two arrests that just happened to coincide with the anti-Berlusconi march in Rome last Saturday (about which more anon). Proof, they … Continue reading

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Troppo sapeva

I’ve just finished my usual round-up of the day’s English language papers, sitting here at my desk in a small provincial Italian town, without even having left the house. I’ve read the Guardian, the New York Times, the Independent. I’ve … Continue reading

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Punished for good behaviour

If you’re in Rome on 5 December you might like to take part in No-Berlusconi Day, the product of a viral campaign to eject the Buffoon from power before he does any more damage. Don’t be put off (or encouraged?) … Continue reading

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Scum rising to the top

Last night’s edition of Anno Zero talked about Fondi, the town I’ve lived in for the past eight years. Anno Zero is one of the programmes Berlusconi accuses of being fazioso, a holdall term that roughly translates as not being … Continue reading

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They know no shame

As you may already know, Berlusconi brought down the Prodi government a couple of years ago by purchasing the support, if not affection (i.e. they fucked but refused to kiss), of several senators. One of the first to slide his … Continue reading

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Jobs for the boy

Remember him? That’s right, it’s young Renzo Bossi, son of Umberto “Bingo Bongo” Bossi, currently minister in Papi Berlusconi’s cabinet, may god preserve us. Daddy’s in charge of reform, something that’s sadly needed in the semi-free state of Italy, though … Continue reading

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Busy on Friday?

There’s a long post to be written about Fondi and the Mafia, so long that I haven’t time to do it today. But I’ll find the time, I hope, before Friday when the town will be host to a national … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about celebrity these past few days. Not the kind that ‘iconises’ and manipulates and destroys, Michael Jackson style; something much smaller, even laughably so, and closer to home. You may have noticed a few posts down that … Continue reading

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