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Little Monsters returns!

This is getting better and better. Bookeywookey (subtitle: LITERATURE GOOD AND BAD, THEATER,AND NEUROSCIENCE….NO REALLY), who wrote the excellent review of Any Human Face mentioned in the previous post, has turned his critical eye on Little Monsters. To flattering effect. … Continue reading

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Patricia E. Fogarty of TheAmerican | inItalia interviewed me recently, about Little Monsters and Any Human Face, along with the whole business of living and writing abroad. As you’ll see, I’m snugly placed between a piece on the highly regarded … Continue reading

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The Fiction Desk interview

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Rob, the man behind one of the most interesting and wide-ranging literary blogs around, The Fiction Desk. We had an excellent lunch and talked about, among other things, writing, publishing strategies, … Continue reading

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I’ve just discovered that Little Monsters (still available from all good booksellers) has found its way onto the long list of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. It’s a very long list indeed, but it’s still a pleasure to have … Continue reading

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A short but enthusiastic review of Little Monsters has just popped up on Book Addicts Anonymous. You can read it, should you so wish, here.

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Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I met up with a reading group, the Roosters Book Club, based in Rome. The intention was that I should talk about Little Monsters, which the group had all, with great generosity, … Continue reading

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Well, my plea (see two posts down) has had some effect. Little Monsters is now ranked at 42022 at the Book Depository. Whoever you are, thank you! 

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A plea for David (and me)

I’ve just had a rather ungratifying experience. Checking up on online sales of Little Monsters (a vacuum activity familiar to anyone who’s ever published anything, most often carried out when more important things need to be done), I noticed that … Continue reading

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I’d just like to point you towards an excellent review for Little Monsters from The Fiction Desk. This may be the first time that my moustache has been called out in a review, and it’s certainly the first time the … Continue reading

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In the bin

I’ve just found out that Little Monsters was shortlisted by the Waterstones Book Circle as one of its February choices. It didn’t win – Chris Cleave did – but it does mean that some branches will pop an extra sticker … Continue reading

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