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Labels: memory (part two)

There’s a limit to the number of labels a post can have. This is part two of the precding post: young people: unsynthesised manifoldplum: maplouise bourgeois: mannersmadonna: librariesmother: received truthnico: moral relativism That’s enough for now…

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Labels: memory

Too many of my labels have been used once and once only. It’s uneconomical, and slightly sad, so I’ve decided to repeat my earlier bonding exercise, in which I take two otherwise isolated labels and unite them. It’s a little … Continue reading

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There’s an interesting piece in today’s Guardian CiF by Mark Lawson. Entitled How fiction lost the plot, it looks at the presumed sorry state of modern fiction publishing and runs through the usual suspects: cliquishness, discrimination, book prize juries descending … Continue reading

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