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Filth two

An addendum to yesterday’s post about the holocaust denier who teaches at Rome’s La Sapienza university. There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle about it as a result of the Repubblica article, with the Dean threatening suspension and the ricercatore … Continue reading

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Ballarò etc

If you’re in Italy tomorrow, speak Italian, have a television, and care about the lettori situation, don’t miss Ballarò on Rai Due around 9 pm. If any of the above conditions do not apply, I suggest you do something more … Continue reading

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Duh revisited

Well, my piece on lettori has led to a predictable hoohah, most of it occasioned less by me than by the mysterious “Luke Rocchi” – mysterious not for any intrinsic value the person might possess, but because of the fact … Continue reading

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I’ve been told by someone who doesn’t like my Times Higher Educational Supplement piece about lettori (see below) that my blog is ‘self-serving’. I’ve no doubt he also has strong opinions about the religious identity of the pope and where … Continue reading

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A variety of salad leaf

This week’s Times Higher Education Supplement has a leader on the appalling treatment meted out to foreign language teachers by Italian universities. I wrote it. Here’s a taste: I became a lettore in 1982, in Rome. The building I worked … Continue reading

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Language slaves: update

It’s come to my notice that numerous teachers of foreign languages in Italian universities (yes, lettori), despite having regular full-time contracts, are expected to make up any lessons they may have missed as a result of illness or public holidays. … Continue reading

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Language slaves

An update on the situation of university language teachers in Italy, otherwise known as lettori. The academic year looks set to begin with the usual mood of rage tempered by resignation as emails from colleagues throughout Italy relate the new … Continue reading

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The natural order

Two friends and colleagues (lettori: if you don’t know what they are click on the label below) were summoned a few days ago to the office of a professor in their faculty, head of department and died-in-the-wool barone (ditto). He … Continue reading

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Running Babel to advantage

Like some mythological beast, the university language centre I work in is about to undergo what looks like its final metamorphosis. Its first director treated it as a centre of power and money cow, running the place as an occasionally … Continue reading

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Richard on the run

I was on holiday in Amalfi with friends, over twenty years ago now. We’d taken the ferry to Capri for the day and were walking across the Piazzetta when I heard someone call my name. Richard was sitting alone at … Continue reading

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