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News from the very dark cave

The region of Emilia-Romagna has recently established that couples, including those with children, (in lay speak, ‘families’) are entitled to welfare provisions whether they’re married or not. This has attracted the anathema of the local befrocked wingnut cardinal, a certain … Continue reading

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This cleverly designed bag with the handy noose-shaped handle might be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing justice done in Italy. It’s the old story. You’ve read it here on this blog a tedious number of times and pretty … Continue reading

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Asswipe party

See these people? See how happy they are? They’re down on their knees, clutching their hands together in prayer, waving their mass-produced, church-funded banners! They’re ecstatic with religious fervour! They’ve won their apocalyptic battle! They’ve beaten off the evil perverted … Continue reading

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For what it’s worth

OK, here goes. I’ve been fretting about this Polanski business ever since his arrest – like practically everyone else in the western world I hadn’t given it more than the occasional thought before that, which is part of what makes … Continue reading

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Carnevale (no, not that one)

Only yesterday, Italy’s minister of justice ‘Choochieface’ Alfano was talking about rejuvenating the judiciary. Now it appears there are plans to pass one of those ad personam laws for which Italy is becoming sadly famous (or would be if the … Continue reading

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The son-in-law also rises

Well, I don’t know. I’ve just been to the Guardian site to look at the latest book reviews and what do I find? The first item is Ian McEwan on millennial doomsters. So far, so predictable. I haven’t had time … Continue reading

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A normal country

The problem with talking about events in Italy, particularly political events, is that, as they move forward, often at a great rate and with considerable fluster, they nonetheless drag their significance behind them, fanning out into an endless murk, so … Continue reading

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Chancelucky: I’ll take the Constitution for a Thousand Alex (Jeopardy American Style)

Meanwhile, in another country…. Chancelucky: I’ll take the Constitution for a Thousand Alex (Jeopardy American Style)

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