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Crossed digits

I’ve spent too much time today trying to get our television in the kitchen to work. Or, to be more precise, trying to get our NEW television in the kitchen to work. Everything was fine until a few months ago. … Continue reading

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Button up

The France Soir correspondent in Rome, Ariel Dumont, has just been sacked for being anti-Berlusconian. This isn’t what the paper says, of course. The editor talks about the need to rationalise its overseas representation for reasons of budget and denies … Continue reading

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All the news that’s fit to print

The blonde in the green tee-shirt is Noemi Letizia. She’s the eighteen-year-old who calls Silvio Berlusconi Papi and can’t decide whether to cavort on a table in her underwear or represent Italy at the European parliament (and, let’s face it … Continue reading

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Boys will be boys

If you look in an English-Italian dictionary for a translation of the word ragazzo, you’ll find ‘boy’, followed by ‘boyfriend’, ‘young man’. Italians of all ages frequently use the word to address a group of friends, the irony more evident … Continue reading

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A couple of nights ago, while reporting in its usual brown-nosing way on Ratzinger’s visit to France, Italy’s TG2, the state-run evening news programme, talked about the ‘appearance’ of the Madonna at Lourdes. Except that, the way it was said, … Continue reading

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Postscript to postscript

Sorry about this – and believe me, I really am trying to move on – but I was so appalled by this example of partisan journalism, in a country that knows little else, that I felt I had to share … Continue reading

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One of the saddest aspects of the way Silvio Berlusconi has skewed political and civil life in Italy is the arsenal he’s chosen to vilify and discredit his adversaries. As long as these are politicians it’s part and parcel – … Continue reading

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Facebook journalism

It’s chastening to discover that Isabelle Dinoire, the French woman who received the first face transplant, wouldn’t have known that the donor had committed suicide if it hadn’t been for the gallant investigative efforts of British tabloids. There’s an article … Continue reading

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