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A seed, a shine, a glow; thoughts on Edwin Morgan

Not so much thoughts, perhaps, as a sort of memory. Edwin Morgan came to read for Blue Room, the poetry society John Wilkinson, Charlie Bulbeck and I ran in Cambridge in the early 1970s. Assiduous readers of this blog will … Continue reading

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Two days in London

…actually, one and a half days in London, but they followed the same rough pattern as the two days I spent there last autumn and I’m just so self-referential I couldn’t pass this one up. You can find out what … Continue reading

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Me, me, me, a whole book of me

Some very good news. The enterprising, innovative and discerning Salt Publishing will be bringing out a collection of my short fiction later this year. The collection will contain a few stories you may have read, plus lots you haven’t (unless … Continue reading

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Jonathan Williams

I first met Jonathan Williams when he came to Cambridge to read for Blue Room, a poetry society founded by John Wilkinson and run by John, his old school-friend Charlie Bulbeck and the more recently co-opted me. I had the … Continue reading

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Time for a little poetry after so much unpleasant and utterly disrespectful ranting. This poem, written 33 years ago, was published in a fugitive collection entitled Of Western Limits, containing my work and poems by John Wilkinson, ostensibly written during … Continue reading

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This was first published in Angel Exhaust Ten, edited by Andrew Duncan, its publication solicited, I believe, by John Wilkinson, for which much thanks. It’s an interesting (I hope) hybrid of the Cambridge School and large doses of Lorca. I … Continue reading

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