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This is all we need

I worried about this some time ago. It looks as though I was right to be worried.  (From 3 quarks daily) Sorry, you need to click on the graph to see it properly – I can’t make it shrink to fit…

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The Dark Ages (cont.)

Remember people saying that the position of women in Afghanistan would be immeasurably improved by invasion? Wasn’t that one of the reasons we ‘went in’? Well, read this from today’s Independent, about the murder of Malalai Kakar. Here’s an extract: Commander … Continue reading

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The Dark Ages

The home of Martin Rynja, the director of Gibson Square, which plans to publish The Jewel of the Medina, was attacked by Islamist arsonists yesterday. You can read about it here. Announcing the publication of The Jewel of the Medina … Continue reading

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Something apt from Dover Beach

Ian McEwan has just come out against Islamism*, as he calls it. I’m not sure what distinguishes Islamism from Islam, other than the generally derogatory aura created by the suffix ‘ism’, but that’s by-the-by. He’s quoted as saying: “I myself … Continue reading

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Cranach’s Venus is too saucy for London Underground travellers, according to Transport for London, which has banned its use in an advertisement. This wonderful image, at once demure and enticing, had been chosen to advertise a Royal Academy show devoted … Continue reading

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Sharia hits fan

Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has created a brouhaha after suggesting on Radio 4 that the acceptance, or ‘accommodation’, in the UK of some aspects of Sharia law might be ‘unavoidable’. This is already the case, apparently, with Sharia courts … Continue reading

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Sign language

Come on. Stop faffing around. Read this article. Then sign the petition.

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Writing as madness

This summer, I saw a painting I’d never seen before, in the Centre Pompidou. Entitled Peinture (Ecriture rose) and covering a fair-sized chunk of wall (maybe three metres by four), it’s the work of Simon Hantai and was done in … Continue reading

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Racist lunatic arrested

Good news from Brussels (and how often do you hear that?), as one of the most laughably despicable figures in Italian politics gets picked up by police after attempting to take part in an illegal demonstration against the ‘islamisation of … Continue reading

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Vade retro, empiricism

One of the few areas in which fundamentalist Islam seemed to offer a less obscurantist view of the world than fundamentalist Christianity was that of evolution. Alas, no longer. An article in today’s Independent reveals that a bunch of Turkish … Continue reading

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