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Foot and mouth disease

I’ve been on the point of writing something about the whole paedophile scandal for a couple of weeks now, but really, why bother? The Vatican is doing such a good job of shooting itself in the foot – yes, that’s … Continue reading

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Vatican update!

The Vatican has been having a bit of a rough time these past few days. News arrives from Poland that the ‘miracle‘ needed to sanctify GP2 smells a bit fishy, news that has been roundly denied by B16. In 2006, … Continue reading

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Man meets small spiky object. Object wins.

Berlusconi’s bloodied nose is already an exquisitely political space, populated on the one hand by those who see the Capo’s body as sanctified ground and therefore untouchable (i.e. his supporters) and on the other hand by those who see his … Continue reading

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Seventeen years

Earlier this year I wrote a brief post about a man called Giuliano Ferrara. Ferrara really isn’t that interesting, except as an over-exposed example of chronic brown-nosing that would take some beating even in Italy, and I wouldn’t bring him … Continue reading

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Naughty Peter

The unsavoury Peter Mullen, (so sorry, the unsavoury Reverend Doctor Peter Mullen) may have been obliged to delete his blog, but the offending passage about tattooing gays can still be found in a cache. (I have ZeFrog to thank for … Continue reading

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Was Jesus gay? little something Alberto Ruggin’s local priest might enjoy. Or Ted Haggard. Or Larry Craig. Or Archbishop Arsehole of Nigeria. Or Eggs Benedict. Or just about anyone, in one way or another. And if you’d like to know more about … Continue reading

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Clench, dean, clench…

Remember the auto-erotically asphyxiated pastor a few posts below (click here)? The one with a condom-sheathed dildo up his, er, revealed truth? It turns out he was once the dean of Jerry Falwell’s ‘university’. Probably gave out straight ‘A’s in … Continue reading

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An even wider stance

If you thought Larry Craig had a wide stance, try reading this, from today’s Timesonline. You can find the complete article here. Mgr Stenico admits inviting a man whom he met on a gay website to his office, across the … Continue reading

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