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Jippy x 2

I was reminded of Victoria Wood and Julie Walters by Whitless (see post below), who was actually talking about French and Saunders. They’re good too, or can be, but these two videos from the Victoria Wood show are simply marvellous. … Continue reading

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Ever wondered what the baby would look like if you had one with your partner? Your gay partner? Or, indeed, any one else’s partner? Well, apparently there’s a machine that can tell you. It’s called The Gene Machine and it … Continue reading

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REM Shock Announcement

I just saw this on Joe My God. Nice one, Michael.

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Gay Bulgaria David Giltinan, on Goodreads, has reviewed a book called Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities. It sounds fabulous. Here are some of the titles, with excerpts and/or comments, that David particularly enjoyed: How to Draw a Straight Line, … Continue reading

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For Italian speakers, here’s the wonderful Paola Cortellesi casting a wry glance (as they used to say) at the Italian situation, character, political opportunism, and so on. She’s interrupted by the appalling Serena Dandini, but I can’t do anything about … Continue reading

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One for Salman

I was directed to this by its maker, who comments on Guardian blogs as IMHOTEP. Apparently, it was criticised by Campaign magazine, which isn’t surprising, and by The Observer, which, frankly, is.

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