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Drinking through nose

If you think human rights are an optional, you should sign up to New York University Law School and the courses of its new Professor of Human Rights, Dr. Li-ann Thio, scheduled for this autumn. Want to know why? Click … Continue reading

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Death and the state

Last December I posted on the case of Eluana Englaro, an Italian woman who had been in a state of vegetative coma for the past seventeen years, following a car accident when she was twenty. After years of legal to-ing … Continue reading

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Sexual union with Tiger

The Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain has not been invited to India’s first art fair on the grounds that his work depicts a series of Hindu deities without their clothes on. The lady in the work above is the goddess … Continue reading

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Ave Hitler

Now that the catholic church has got a government prepared to present its belly to the clerical boot without any questions being asked, this photograph is a useful reminder of another epoch in which the interests of church and state … Continue reading

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Quotas: footnote

It looks like it’s all to do with numbers. How many people come in, how many people are forced to leave. Alemanno says he’s going to expel 20,000 illegal immigrants from Rome and I wonder how he arrived at this … Continue reading

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Sign language

Come on. Stop faffing around. Read this article. Then sign the petition.

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Free speech

In today’s Guardian, Brian Klug makes an interesting point about the brouhaha surrounding the Oxford Union’s decision to invite two fascists – who shall here remain nameless – to participate in a debate on free speech. He points out that … Continue reading

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Rant and let rant?

I was recently forwarded this. We all have to sign a petition to force Google to remove from their websites lists the website: This site is devoted to anti-Semitism, hate of Jews and so, with false articles and researches…..It … Continue reading

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Language slaves: update

It’s come to my notice that numerous teachers of foreign languages in Italian universities (yes, lettori), despite having regular full-time contracts, are expected to make up any lessons they may have missed as a result of illness or public holidays. … Continue reading

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Language slaves

An update on the situation of university language teachers in Italy, otherwise known as lettori. The academic year looks set to begin with the usual mood of rage tempered by resignation as emails from colleagues throughout Italy relate the new … Continue reading

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