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Here we go again

Last year, for the most absurd reasons (a choral recital in a nearby building, if I remember rightly), under evident pressure from the Vatican and the post-fascist mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, Rome Gay Pride was denied the use of Piazza … Continue reading

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Some are more equal

Remember the ministries in 1984? The Ministry of Peace, responsible for war; the Ministry of Love, responsible for torture? Most governments are more subtle about this sort of thing, but Italy, a country that enjoys subtlety in so many guises, … Continue reading

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No Red Stripe no cry

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Even though you are who you are

An extraordinary tale from Mark Doty’s blog.

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Aiming at foot, hitting foot

I’ve heard people say that the Westboro Baptist Church, by revealing the true face of fundamentalist homophobia, is the best thing to happen to the fight for gay equality in years. I suppose this is true in the same way … Continue reading

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Ratzinger’s festive message was unusually spirited this year. It’s good to know that old age and too many tennis lessons with the lovely Georg haven’t robbed the old trooper of his sense of humour. In a costume that Widow Twanky … Continue reading

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Iran, Jamaica, Vatican, Sudan….

Surprise news from the Holy See. Someone called (Father) Federico Lombardi claims that the Vatican’s refusal to endorse a proposal for the UN that homosexuality be decriminalised, signed by all EU states, presumably including Poland (!), does not mean that … Continue reading

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Mammon, Mormon

The Mormons are crying foul as they get picked on for bankrolling the Yes to Prop 8 campaign. It really isn’t fair. After all, they only raised something like half of the more than 30 million dollars used to deny … Continue reading

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Marriage, shmarriage

The joy of Obama’s victory has been slightly soured by the votes in California and elsewhere against gay marriages, confirmation – if that were needed – of Obama’s extraordinary ability to draw on a wide variety of constituencies, including many … Continue reading

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Ditching the bitch

This time PD senator Paola “Mrs Doubtfire” Binetti (see two posts down) really does seem to have gone too far. Following her comment that homosexuals couldn’t control their paedophilic instincts and were therefore disqualified from becoming priests, members of her … Continue reading

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