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Um diddle diddle (Shelly Goldstein)

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Fuck off, Binetti

Good news for all those people, like me, who know that the best way of getting rid of Berlusconi is to concentrate votes on the Partito Democratico (PD), but just can’t stomach it while Paola Binetti, fundamentalist catholic and – … Continue reading

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It should be part of the deal

I was going to do a simple post today, celebrating my blog’s third birthday. But I’ve just received an email that I thought I’d share with you instead. It comes from someone who doesn’t sign his (her?) name but shops … Continue reading

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Touching with intent

This is an extract from the anti-homosexuality bill proposed by the Government of Uganda: You can read the entire disgraceful document here.

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Shock horror: Homophobic obscurantist has top job

I discovered an interesting fact about Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) today, thanks to a letter in Repubblica. The CNR is a state-financed public organization that, according to its website, exists “to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research … Continue reading

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Wil the real Maggie Gallagher fuck off?

My Facebook friends will already have seen this video, but why keep all the good stuff for them? It’s funny, and sad, and harrowing and you don’t need to have seen the sanctimonious bitch’s original video to appreciate it – … Continue reading

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Mud, to be worn with pride

Last Friday, Dino Boffo, the editor of the Catholic newspaper, Avvenire, decided to resign after having been attacked and accused of hypocrisy by one of Berlusconi’s house rags (Il Giornale, owned by his brother). The Vatican accused Il Giornale of … Continue reading

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Drinking through nose

If you think human rights are an optional, you should sign up to New York University Law School and the courses of its new Professor of Human Rights, Dr. Li-ann Thio, scheduled for this autumn. Want to know why? Click … Continue reading

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Happy with restraint

OK, you’ve crossed Iran and Jamaica (and Zimbabwe and Iraq and Nigeria and…) off your list of possible holiday venues. You’d better cross off Fort Worth, Texas, too… You don’t see why? Read this.

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