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Hot sex in San Francisco

David Isaak has recently said that the mere mention of sex in a title can increase the number of hits a blog gets exponentially. The title to this post is thus intended to lure unwitting sex fiends, particularly those based … Continue reading

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A great place to enjoy the sunset from (updated)

Sedona is extraordinary. We arrived mid-afternoon, driving up from Phoenix, and saw the light play with form and volume and colour, with the road some way below us and the rocks, that hopeless, inadequate word, above. Down to our left, … Continue reading

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This is one of those photographs that tourists in the States can’t help but take, a glut of colours and brash cultural references that flatter the observer’s eye while confirming distance, as though we lived in some other universe. The … Continue reading

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Steve Jobby

I would love to be able to credit the creators of this romper suit (if that’s what they’re called; I suspect it isn’t), but all I can say is that it was seen in the window of a shop in … Continue reading

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Village police

This photograph doesn’t even begin to capture the extent to which these two policemen, photographed in Sausalito, looked like refugees from one of those films with titles like Cop Shack or Hole Patrol. Maybe they were between shots.

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Big Daddy

It’s a truism that everything in America is larger than anywhere else, even though, in two cases at least – pigeons and stock cubes – it’s clearly false. Still, anyone who’s familiar only with the modestly sized deodorants in European … Continue reading

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More holiday snaps

As welcome relief from the excitement of publication, let’s get back to our US trip. Here’s where we stayed in Williams, Arizona. It’s the oldest motel in Williams, dating back to 1936, and possibly the cheapest. We paid $32 plus … Continue reading

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I know we’re not supposed to be anthropomorphic (yawn), but I can’t think of any other plant that has so much sheer personality as the saguaro cactus, which populates the hills and desert round here. They do pretty much the … Continue reading

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Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!

We had to help Scout with this one, which comes from a film whose opening scenes are set in this very city. Scout is a dog.

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