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Via Parlamento

I took this photograph on the day it was announced that the leader of the regional parliament of Sicily was being investigated for Mafia connections. He isn’t the first: his baby-faced predecessor was famously photographed offering his partners in crime … Continue reading

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Scum rising to the top

Last night’s edition of Anno Zero talked about Fondi, the town I’ve lived in for the past eight years. Anno Zero is one of the programmes Berlusconi accuses of being fazioso, a holdall term that roughly translates as not being … Continue reading

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The third tower

I’ve steered clear of 9/11 conspiracy theory until now, but an article by Robert Fisk in today’s Independent admits that the ‘facts’ we have don’t add up. With admirable reluctance, he says: But – here we go. I am increasingly … Continue reading

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Crisis? Just ask Giulio

It was inevitable that sooner or later Romano Prodi’s government, with a majority of one in the Senate, would stumble and fall. And it isn’t surprising that two of the people responsible for yesterday’s defeat should represent fringe elements of … Continue reading

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