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Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash

One dwarfish homophobe less in the world (calm down – I’m talking about the one on the left). Of the evil Polish ex-child stars, Lech is the straight twin; his even more repulsive brother, Jaroslav, is the one rumoured to … Continue reading

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Good riddance, Joerg Haider

For Mario Borghezio, a great European is dead.  Trust the teller, not the tale. 

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Milk-snatcher death shock – preview

News has leaked that the British government is planning a state funeral for Margaret Thatcher. I thought you might like to know that I too am planning a post in my good riddance series for the wicked old shite-bag. But … Continue reading

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More on Helms

Jonathan William wrote a poem for Jesse Helms. Here it is: POEM BEGINNING WITH FIVE WORDS BYGERARD MANLEY HOPKINS glory be to godfor jesse helms jessehates fags jesse hatesniggers jesse hates modernart now that onethinks about it jesse’sjust like most … Continue reading

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Good riddance to …

… Jesse Helms. Is he wearing lipstick in this photograph? Or did his mouth always look like a badly sliced tomato? “Just think about it – homosexuals, lesbians – disgusting people – marching in our streets, demanding all sorts of … Continue reading

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Grim reaper

There’s a jolly piece by Andy McSmith in today’s Independent. Entitled Dancing on their graves and triggered by Tina Turner’s unsurprisingly cool response to her ex-husband’s demise, it casts an eye over some of the more memorably sour, if not … Continue reading

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Good riddance to…

…Don Oreste Benzi, the smarmy sanctimonious little twat priest who took it upon himself to conduct funeral services for foetuses, said that scantily-dressed women had only themselves to blame if they were raped, pestered sex workers with his medieval twaddle … Continue reading

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Clench, dean, clench…

Remember the auto-erotically asphyxiated pastor a few posts below (click here)? The one with a condom-sheathed dildo up his, er, revealed truth? It turns out he was once the dean of Jerry Falwell’s ‘university’. Probably gave out straight ‘A’s in … Continue reading

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Good riddance to…

…Leona Helmsley, the hatchet-faced parasite who said that paying taxes was for the ‘little people’ and left her dog $12 million. Maybe they’ll bag her ashes in one of those neat little sachets designed for pooches’ poo.

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Good riddance to…

…Bernard Manning, admirer, among other things, of Mother Teresa. And before you get sentimental and talk about his perfect comic timing, read this, taken from a Guardian blog posting by Strunt: A charity dinner was held in 1995 near Manchester … Continue reading

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