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The Dark Ages

The home of Martin Rynja, the director of Gibson Square, which plans to publish The Jewel of the Medina, was attacked by Islamist arsonists yesterday. You can read about it here. Announcing the publication of The Jewel of the Medina … Continue reading

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Gagging order

If you’d like to know more about the absurd case of satirist Sabina Guzzanti being prosecuted for “contempt of the pope” and, more generally, the state of freedom of speech in an increasingly myopic Italy, there’s a very useful article … Continue reading

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Mug shot

If you’ve spent more than a few days in Rome you’ll probably have left the traffic of Largo Argentina behind you and paused by the turtle fountain in Piazza Mattei and thought, for a moment, how wonderful it must be … Continue reading

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Dear Editor

I thought I’d write to La Repubblica to point out that the rest of the world (pace the horrified wailing of the Italian media) is actually not that interested in Ratzinger’s failure to show at la Sapienza. On the assumption … Continue reading

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Red bull? Papal bull? Plain bull…

Thanks to the efforts of one humourless Sicilian priest (Father Marco Damanti, if you care), who’s played the blasphemy card and scared Red Bull into compliance, you’ll no longer be able to see this harmless advertisement on Italian television. Never … Continue reading

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Free speech

In today’s Guardian, Brian Klug makes an interesting point about the brouhaha surrounding the Oxford Union’s decision to invite two fascists – who shall here remain nameless – to participate in a debate on free speech. He points out that … Continue reading

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Italy rules OK. OK?

Two reminders yesterday that the autonomy of the Republic of Italy isn’t a given. One. Rome’s court of assizes decided that there was no case to be made against the murderer of Nicola Calipari, the Italian secret service agent who … Continue reading

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Just in case you haven’t already come across it, I’ve linked to the site of MediaWatchWatch. This is what it’s all about: MediaWatchWatch was set up in January 2005 in reaction to the religious campaign against the BBC’s broadcasting of … Continue reading

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Rant and let rant?

I was recently forwarded this. We all have to sign a petition to force Google to remove from their websites lists the website: This site is devoted to anti-Semitism, hate of Jews and so, with false articles and researches…..It … Continue reading

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Freedom is as freedom does

An interesting article in today’s Slate about bloggers’ rights and the recourse made to British libel laws by those who feel that a post has caused them scorn, derision, social alienation, or loss of face with “right-thinking” individuals. Johann Hari, … Continue reading

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