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What a difference eight years can make

I saw two old films on TV this week: Midnight Cowboy (1969) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), both of them for probably the first time since they came out. It’s salutary to think that the old films … Continue reading

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Casting away

I’ve been having a discussion with Giuseppe today. He’s finally read The Scent of Cinnamon because a translator friend, Isabella Zani, has rendered it – superbly – into Italian. After over 22 years together (tié Ratzy!), this is the first … Continue reading

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Today’s online Guardian has a thing about films of superheroes. It’s not particularly illuminating but it does have this wonderful picture, which I really need to share with you.It comes from the original version of The Fantastic Four, made in … Continue reading

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Glancing through the New York Times Books Update a few moments ago, I found a review of a novel. I quote: Marie Phillips’s first novel, “Gods Behaving Badly,” in which the 12 major deities of ancient Greece uneasily cohabit in … Continue reading

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A normal country

Twenty years ago I taught English for a while to the journalist and historian Lucio Caracciolo, or rather we wandered around Villa Borghese in conversation I rarely interrupted by correction. Most of what we talked about is gone but I … Continue reading

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