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Clench, dean, clench…

Remember the auto-erotically asphyxiated pastor a few posts below (click here)? The one with a condom-sheathed dildo up his, er, revealed truth? It turns out he was once the dean of Jerry Falwell’s ‘university’. Probably gave out straight ‘A’s in … Continue reading

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Protecting children, Polish style

In line with recent attempts by the Polish government to outlaw any mention of homosexuality in schools, a certain Ewa Sowinska, the crackpot person responsible for children’s rights in Poland (including, apparently, the right not be informed), has ordered an … Continue reading

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Good riddance to…

…the Reverend Jerry Falwell. His vile homophobic ranting preaching career started in the abandoned Donald Duck Bottling Company. Would that it had ended there.

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