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This is all we need

I worried about this some time ago. It looks as though I was right to be worried.  (From 3 quarks daily) Sorry, you need to click on the graph to see it properly – I can’t make it shrink to fit…

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Pat Boone surprised by joy

After the extraordinary success on this blog of Silvio Berlusconi’s penis, I thought I’d lower the hurdle of acceptability even further by posting this. I don’t remember where it came from – maybe someone can help me? What I do … Continue reading

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Wigan says no to wingnuts

It’s not often I feel like applauding Wigan Council (or even mentioning it, despite my being half Lancastrian). But the news that it’s refused permission to a group of wealthy wingnuts who wanted to build a creationist theme park on … Continue reading

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Vade retro, empiricism

One of the few areas in which fundamentalist Islam seemed to offer a less obscurantist view of the world than fundamentalist Christianity was that of evolution. Alas, no longer. An article in today’s Independent reveals that a bunch of Turkish … Continue reading

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It must have been quite a week…

Now, let’s see. Monday, light, Tuesday, space. No, wait a minute. Monday, light, Tuesday, the land and the sky and the oceans. Oh hell. (No, that was later.) And all the things that creep on the surface, etc. Wednesday? Thursday? … Continue reading

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