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What’s in a name? The same old cop-out

Forget PACS (What do you mean, you already have?) Forget DICO (Eat more fish!). The latest acronym to tantalise and tease us, as Dame Shirley Bassey might have put it, is CUS. It stands for Contratto di Unione Solidale (Solid … Continue reading

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A question of numbers

According to its promoters, the Family Day demonstration a few weeks ago, designed to fight government proposals for recognition of civil unions, attracted a million people. That’s more or less one sixtieth of the population and enough, says Paola Binetti, … Continue reading

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Family Day: countdown

A few years ago, holier-than-thou British programmes like Eurotrash revelled in the excesses of Italian television. Remember the strip-tease housewives? The super-camp fortune tellers? The surgically enhanced tits and bums of showgirls and B-list actresses newsreaders and members of parliament? … Continue reading

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Insults: fascist style

One of Berlusconi’s house newspapers, Il Giornale, published an interview last week with the man responsible for Tourism and Sport in Lombardy, the region that includes Milan and is still controlled by the centre-right alliance, such as it is. Piergianni … Continue reading

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A clique of sex-obsessed old men in the Vatican continues its offensive against civil union legislation (read DICO) by stigmatising the demonstration last Saturday in Piazza Farnese as carnivalesque, hysterical, a masquerade and so on. As one who was there, … Continue reading

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Better a queer citizen than a paedophile priest

The most provocative placard at yesterday’s DICO event was probably this one. But look at the man’s face. Could anything be sweeter?

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DICO day: impressions

The day after, there’s the usual war of numbers: 20,000 according to the police, 80,000 for the organisers; La Repubblica‘s settled on 50,000. Whoever may be right (and I’d go with La Repubblica), Piazza Farnese was jammed with adults, children, … Continue reading

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Prodi’s cobbled together a twelve-point list designed to hold the centre-left coalition together until the end of the legislation. It’s sufficiently vague to work for a while at least and, faced with the alternatives of a technical government or, even … Continue reading

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Crisis? Just ask Giulio

It was inevitable that sooner or later Romano Prodi’s government, with a majority of one in the Senate, would stumble and fall. And it isn’t surprising that two of the people responsible for yesterday’s defeat should represent fringe elements of … Continue reading

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DICO SI… with reservations

Finally an acronym that has a sense to it. DICO (short for dichiarazione di convivenza, or ‘declaration of cohabitation’) looks set to replace PACS as the shorthand for civil unions in Italy. The word’s particularly appropriate because it means ‘I … Continue reading

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