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Mind your language

Productive dialogue is relatively easy among equals, perhaps because it’s supported by a kind of openness that occurs when no one feels under threat and when the basic aim of the dialogue – greater understanding, a solution amenable to all … Continue reading

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Watch out! There’s a magistrate about!

If anyone needs to be reminded just how fragile supposedly democratic states can be, a story in yesterday’s Repubblica is exemplary. It describes the plans being drawn up by the Italian secret services soon after Berlusconi’s electoral victory in 2001 … Continue reading

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Democracy derailed

George Bush says that democratic reform in Rusia has been derailed. You can understand why he’s worried. Rigged elections and the illegal disenfrachisement of voters. Prisoners held for years in subhuman conditions without trial. The economy held hostage by a … Continue reading

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Berlin, Belfast, Baghdad…

Good fences may make good neighbours, as Robert Frost said, but there’s little doubt that the building of a 12-foot-tall wall through the middle of a city is an indication of something more destructive than a desire for neighbourliness. Yet … Continue reading

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