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Customer care

I was leaving the FAO building in Rome a few days ago when a display of half-price books caught my eye in the international bookshop there, run, I believe, by the Lion Bookshop. The last thing I need is more … Continue reading

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One frappuccino, to go

Those of us who’ve read Naomi Klein’s compelling account in No Logo of how Starbucks mark out, invade and conquer new territory will not be sad to hear that the caffeine empire may have outstretched its effective reach. Read more … Continue reading

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What it says on the packet

Suffering from what is almost certainly post-party flu, I’ve been a recent visitor to our local chemist’s and I’ve been struck, as always, by the subtle, and not so subtle, cultural differences between the UK and Italy. In England, medicines … Continue reading

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It pays to advertise

But it also pays to find someone who knows how to do it. I may be more sensitive to language than many people, but the sheer concentration of howlers in this flyer for the Bear Hotel, Hodnet, is pretty glaring. … Continue reading

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Customer care 2

I was having breakfast a few weeks ago at Birmingham New Street station (I had to change trains. Honestly), in a place called something like the Covent Garden Company. I’d just finished my Greek-style yogurt with sliced strawberry and crunchy … Continue reading

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Customer care

My mother’s local supermarket, Somerfield, has rearranged its tills, dividing them not according to how many items you might need to pay for, but the container, trolley or basket, you’ve chosen to collect them in. The trolley tills are where … Continue reading

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McCourtesy, or Egg’s Revenge

I got to Rome station yesterday morning an hour earlier than I needed, slightly hungover and hungry, with five hours of exam invigilation ahead of me. A McMuffin seemed just the thing. I went to the McDonalds by the Ricordi … Continue reading

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