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Shock horror: Homophobic obscurantist has top job

I discovered an interesting fact about Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) today, thanks to a letter in Repubblica. The CNR is a state-financed public organization that, according to its website, exists “to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research … Continue reading

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This is all we need

I worried about this some time ago. It looks as though I was right to be worried.  (From 3 quarks daily) Sorry, you need to click on the graph to see it properly – I can’t make it shrink to fit…

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Wigan says no to wingnuts

It’s not often I feel like applauding Wigan Council (or even mentioning it, despite my being half Lancastrian). But the news that it’s refused permission to a group of wealthy wingnuts who wanted to build a creationist theme park on … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to whole universe! And me! (Two days late)

Tom Raworth has just reminded me that, according to Archbishop James Ussher, I share my birthday with Heaven and Earth, created on 23 October 4004 BC. Other people whose birthdays coincide with mine and the entire caboodle include Diana Dors, … Continue reading

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A mamma, li turchi

Remember Adnan Oktar? Of course you don’t. He’s the nutter behind the Atlas of Creation, a lavishly produced load of anti-evolution shite mass-mailed throughout Europe, as well as attempts to outlaw Darwinism in his own country and others. You can … Continue reading

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