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To heaven with a handgun

Would you buy a used apocalypse from these people? More information here. “By Monday, the Stones’ house stood empty, its front door ajar and two dogs still tied up in the muddy yard, which was littered with dilapidated furniture, a … Continue reading

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Disease is not mass

If you have a scrap of rationality and the merest modicum of scientific knowledge, here’s a video which will make you laugh until you weep. You just have to get to it before the lawyers pull it down. Thank you, … Continue reading

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Where do I begin?

From BBC News: A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye. Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look … Continue reading

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Raw vegans get rickets. Dog bites man.

As I continue to enjoy – and lose weight on – my protein-based diet, may I gloat, just a little, at this news? Thank you.

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Inanity of the body snatchers

Feel like being amused in a scary, flesh-creeping way? That’s right, I’m talking about the Tom Cruise Scientology video. It’s been pulled off Youtube and quite a few sites, but you can still catch it here. (It doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Edward St Aubyn: On the Edge

Much as I admire the Some Hope trilogy and its sequel Mother’s Milk, this novel, written between the two, is an odd – and to my mind unsuccessful – book. It’s concerned with the adventures of a group of people … Continue reading

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Wigan says no to wingnuts

It’s not often I feel like applauding Wigan Council (or even mentioning it, despite my being half Lancastrian). But the news that it’s refused permission to a group of wealthy wingnuts who wanted to build a creationist theme park on … Continue reading

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Homoeophobia? Common sense

This shouldn’t need doing again, but just in case you still think homoeopathy might have something in it, read this fine new article by Ben Goldacre from today’s Guardian. As long as you’re popping a pill that contains no trace … Continue reading

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I have a thing about camels. I love their stoicism and superciliousness, as though their hump or humps contained not only life-maintaining fat but also life-enhancing forbearance. I have a small gold camel round my neck; I stroke it often, … Continue reading

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Well said!

Sometimes you read a response to idiocy that is so complete, so elegant, so conclusive that it makes your heart sing. Well, my heart sang out loud when I came across this comment to a post by a religious nutter … Continue reading

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