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Foot and mouth disease

I’ve been on the point of writing something about the whole paedophile scandal for a couple of weeks now, but really, why bother? The Vatican is doing such a good job of shooting itself in the foot – yes, that’s … Continue reading

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Democracy at work

Children and religion. Following on from the post below, it seems that not only the Dalai Lama doesn’t get it. A scientific high school in Cesena, in Emilia Romagna, has suspended one of its maths teachers for two months without pay. … Continue reading

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Seventeen years

Earlier this year I wrote a brief post about a man called Giuliano Ferrara. Ferrara really isn’t that interesting, except as an over-exposed example of chronic brown-nosing that would take some beating even in Italy, and I wouldn’t bring him … Continue reading

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(Thanks to Towleroad for this.)

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A froggie would a sacking go

The curator of the exhibition in Bolzano that included this admittedly rather unlovely artwork, by Martin Kippenberger, has just had her contract withdrawn. Corinne Diserens, appointed director of the new Museion to give it a touch of international class and … Continue reading

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Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was?

Thinking of going to Croatia on holiday? Read this piece by Diamond Walid and see if you fit into the rather narrow range of sexual and racial acceptability demanded by Croatian youths on the lookout for victims (you know, the kind … Continue reading

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Thin end of wedge

According to 73 year-old Fr. Jeremy Davies, a priest, qualified physician and official exorcist in Westminster, it wasn’t that naughty old scout master at all, but the devil himself, that turned you gay. He says: “Among the causes of homosexuality … Continue reading

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Ave Hitler

Now that the catholic church has got a government prepared to present its belly to the clerical boot without any questions being asked, this photograph is a useful reminder of another epoch in which the interests of church and state … Continue reading

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I don’t know if Colchester is a typically or untypically ungodly example of modern urban Britain, but of the three churches open last Friday one had been converted into a museum, one into a shop and the third, although still … Continue reading

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Smalltown baroque

This wonderfully bold decoration comes from the Mission San Xavier del Bac, just outside Tucson, rising from a patch of desert as though it had once expected a community to form around it, as I imagine it did, although what … Continue reading

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