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I’ve been thinking about celebrity these past few days. Not the kind that ‘iconises’ and manipulates and destroys, Michael Jackson style; something much smaller, even laughably so, and closer to home. You may have noticed a few posts down that … Continue reading

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Not to be outdone when it comes to relevance and quality, Italian state television has its own version of Celebrity Come Dancing. It’s called Ballando con le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars) and it has the same cavalier approach to … Continue reading

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Margaret Drabble claims that her publishers, Penguin, are trying to persuade her to dumb her work down and increase sales. She spoke to the Independent: “I do feel publishers are under very strong pressure to sell books rather than encourage … Continue reading

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Debord, de trop

ooI’m in England for a few days to see my mother. My visit’s coincided with Naomi Campbell’s recent tantrum at Heathrow’s disaster-struck T5 (luggage to Milan to be sorted…’) and, less excitingly, the return to television of someone called Nigel … Continue reading

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Christmas roast

The British press has been titillated these past few days over the pre-Christmas party organised by Manchester United players. It started off chastely enough, with drag queens and lap dancing, but subsequently adjourned to a hotel, entirely booked for the … Continue reading

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I’ve made it! The GoogleAd up at the moment is a link to David Gest’s site. I’m not allowed to tell, or even ask, you to click on it, but I’m sure you’ll need no encouragement. Joan Collins was on … Continue reading

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Work avoidance strategy No.1

As if Dan Quayle and Arnold Schwarzenegger weren’t bad enough, the next two look-alikes on the list were Tony Blair and Dick Cheney (thankfully excluded by the program from my fetching collage). This is worse than discovering you share 80% … Continue reading

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No success like failure

I was surprised recently when the name of a friend of mine came up in a conversation I was having with someone who works in the media, younger than me, finger on the zeitgeist: let’s call him J. I met … Continue reading

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