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Hang on! The worst is yet to come…

This is just one small frame from an entire comic devoted to the horrors of homosexuality. It was produced in the 1980s by someone called Dick Hafer, who clearly had issues. You can read the whole exhilarating opus here. And … Continue reading

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Wakey wakey My thanks to Katia and Susanna for this. I don’t know who did it. If you do, let me know.

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No, no regrets…

This cartoon is a wonderful example of the way in which the nature of what we understand when we see something can be gradually transformed by a series of minuscule shifts in representation. If you could find anyone in the … Continue reading

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Gaultier makes career leap

An incentive, if it’s needed, to visit John Callahan’s site. You’ll find the cartoon to the right under Hate Mail from America. In this specific case the hate mail is from from Dale K., Plantation, who doesn’t like the cartoon … Continue reading

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Women in wartime (2)

If you’d like to see more of Patrizia Casamirra’s extraordinary collection of photographs of women in wartime (in Argentina, Bosnia, Guatemala, Palestine and Rwanda), get hold of a copy of this week’s Internazionale. And don’t miss the cartoon on p. … Continue reading

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