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Some are more equal

Remember the ministries in 1984? The Ministry of Peace, responsible for war; the Ministry of Love, responsible for torture? Most governments are more subtle about this sort of thing, but Italy, a country that enjoys subtlety in so many guises, … Continue reading

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From A to B, via C, is just so gay

According to some new research, although I feel I’ve read it all before, gay men and straight women can’t navigate, while lesbian and straight men can. This is due to the relative proportions of the left and right hemispheres of … Continue reading

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Postscript to postscript

Sorry about this – and believe me, I really am trying to move on – but I was so appalled by this example of partisan journalism, in a country that knows little else, that I felt I had to share … Continue reading

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Ave Hitler

Now that the catholic church has got a government prepared to present its belly to the clerical boot without any questions being asked, this photograph is a useful reminder of another epoch in which the interests of church and state … Continue reading

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Mara Carfagna is Minister for Equal Opportunities in Berlusconi’s new cabinet. This poster comes from an earlier incarnation as calendar fodder and, oddly, wasn’t used to promote her campaign during the recent elections. Possibly because Italian voters aren’t actually allowed … Continue reading

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A clique of sex-obsessed old men in the Vatican continues its offensive against civil union legislation (read DICO) by stigmatising the demonstration last Saturday in Piazza Farnese as carnivalesque, hysterical, a masquerade and so on. As one who was there, … Continue reading

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Phylogenetic, ontogenetic… As long as our mothers love us

Berlusconi totty, Mara Carfagna, ex showgirl transformed into member of parliament for the capo’s ‘political’ party,Forza Italia, announced a couple of days ago that gay couples couldn’t be considered families because they were ‘constitutionally sterile’. Tell that to a broody … Continue reading

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