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A seed, a shine, a glow; thoughts on Edwin Morgan

Not so much thoughts, perhaps, as a sort of memory. Edwin Morgan came to read for Blue Room, the poetry society John Wilkinson, Charlie Bulbeck and I ran in Cambridge in the early 1970s. Assiduous readers of this blog will … Continue reading

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Readings of Genet (mine)

Forgive my absence. If this blog were a different kind of open book from the one it is, I’d have a lot to tell, but, post-Diana, and unfashionably, I’ve opted for discretion. Which means that all I’m using it for … Continue reading

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dsh, or seduction in lower case

I’ve been shamefully absent from this blog recently, but, in partial recompense, here’s the chance to read a piece I wrote for the first number of the resurrected Cambridge Literary Review about my memories of the concrete poet and Benedictine … Continue reading

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Me again

Another self-promoting post, I’m afraid. Here’s a two-page glimpse of the first number of the new Cambridge Literary Review, which not only contains this poem, written in 1973, but also a memoir of my meeting with the concrete poet Dom … Continue reading

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PS to previous post

St John’s appointed HSD College Rat Catcher in 1967. 

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In the stump of the old tree

I’ve just come across a Guardian blogpost by Billy Mills about the pleasure of discovering little-known writers, in which he mentions Hugh Sykes Davies, pictured above in the grounds of St John’s, Cambridge, where he taught. Like Billy, I first … Continue reading

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Derek Brewer

I see from today’s Independent that Derek Brewer died a couple of weeks ago, coincidentally on my birthday. He’s praised there for being a Chaucerian, as, of course, he was, pre-eminently, but my memories of him come from the summer … Continue reading

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Andrew Crozier 1943-2008

Of all the ‘Cambridge’ poets, Andrew Crozier was the one who touched me most often, and most consistently. Ferry Press was central to the whole enterprise. I loved his intelligence and his eye, and I’m sorry to see him go. … Continue reading

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Time for a little poetry after so much unpleasant and utterly disrespectful ranting. This poem, written 33 years ago, was published in a fugitive collection entitled Of Western Limits, containing my work and poems by John Wilkinson, ostensibly written during … Continue reading

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This was first published in Angel Exhaust Ten, edited by Andrew Duncan, its publication solicited, I believe, by John Wilkinson, for which much thanks. It’s an interesting (I hope) hybrid of the Cambridge School and large doses of Lorca. I … Continue reading

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