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Au revoir? I don’t think so

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Lest we forget

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My thanks to the Humor Archives for this (and the photo of Tony Blair on holiday in the post below).

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A place for everything and everything in its place

Ever thought you’d like to insert George W. somewhere dark and warm and moist? Well now, thanks to Celebrity Butt Plugs, you can. And if you’d rather have Paris Hilton (with assquake battery effect!), or L. Ron Hubbard (with hypno … Continue reading

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Gay Pride 2007: Eggs and, er, bacon

Benedict’s beau, in case you don’t recognise him from the manly chin, is Bush. Oh yes, I’m talking about the bottom photograph. I’ve no idea who Eggs is dancing with in the top one, but despite his appalling colour sense … Continue reading

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And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard…

It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall. And not only on Bush… (Hi Dobby!!) Once again, with thanks, from Bits and Pieces.

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Two small footnotes to one aspect of Bush’s wasteful and unnecessary visit to Rome. The day before he arrived someone scrawled an anti-Bush message on a stone designed to commemorate the murder of the Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro and … Continue reading

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Democracy derailed

George Bush says that democratic reform in Rusia has been derailed. You can understand why he’s worried. Rigged elections and the illegal disenfrachisement of voters. Prisoners held for years in subhuman conditions without trial. The economy held hostage by a … Continue reading

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Slowly slowly

Anyone who’s thought about humiliation knows that people can be brought to commit the most degrading acts if they’re taken to them stage by stage, little by little, chipping away at their self-esteem until there’s no trace of it left … Continue reading

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No, no regrets…

This cartoon is a wonderful example of the way in which the nature of what we understand when we see something can be gradually transformed by a series of minuscule shifts in representation. If you could find anyone in the … Continue reading

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