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Some weeks before Christmas, well past the watershed, RAI2, one of the Italian state TV channels, showed Brokeback Mountain. Well, actually, it didn’t. It showed a version of Brokeback Mountain shorn of its moments of intimacy. Brokeback Mountain without intimacy is another … Continue reading

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I just found this photo on the Facebook page for Brokeback Mountain. It shows the motel where Jack and Ennis made love, or ‘jounced’ in 1969. Yes, I know. But why shouldn’t art bleed into life a little?

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Heath Ledger

I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent talking about Brokeback Mountain. The film took us all back to the story, or to the story for the first time; Annie Proulx’s wonderful story. But there was also the partisan aspect … Continue reading

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Rufus Wainwright: Going to a Town

I’ve always liked the idea of Rufus Wainwright. I’ve loved his parents for over thirty years. I think his version of King of the Road, with the wonderful Teddy Thompson, on the wonderful soundtrack of that absolutely wonderful film Brokeback … Continue reading

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