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Family holidays

According to the ex-boyfriend of Noemi Letizia, the 18-year-old knicker model and would-be member of parliament who refers to Silvio Berlusconi as her ‘papi‘, Noemi was invited to one of SB’s villas in Sardinia last summer, along with 30 or … Continue reading

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This could mean so many things. I don’t know. All buns bleed. Amanda’s bulging biceps. Avast brown bear. Able bodies burgeon. Alice B. Boklas. OK, OK. What it actually means is Anything But Blair. Valery Giscard D’Estaing and Edouard Balladur, … Continue reading

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Blair babble

Confirmation that Tony Blair has decided to run Europe while waiting for Eggs Benedict to meet his maker (and I’d love to be there when that happens, assuming it ever does) and free up the Vatican CEO slot came yesterday, … Continue reading

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Blair-faced devotion

Well, Tony won’t be answering his elders and betters back any longer, I imagine, now that he’s finally thrown his mendacious lot in with Vatican Inc. It’s only a stone’s throw, by helicopter, to Tuscany, after all, and presumably he’ll … Continue reading

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Lies, lies, lies

Leaks from a police investigation into the suspicious bankruptcy of a polling company employed by former PM, Tony Blair, have uncovered evidence that the information broadcast by both the BBC and independent television was deliberately manipulated to present the prime … Continue reading

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War criminal bombs in China, seeks refuge in Vatican

If you’ve seen a British newspaper in the last couple of days, you can write this post yourself. If you haven’t, just google Blair + China + Catholic. And then move on. After all, isn’t that what Jesus would have … Continue reading

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Vade retro, empiricism

One of the few areas in which fundamentalist Islam seemed to offer a less obscurantist view of the world than fundamentalist Christianity was that of evolution. Alas, no longer. An article in today’s Independent reveals that a bunch of Turkish … Continue reading

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To catch a thief…

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Questions of honour

In a country that sees fit to knight Cliff Rìchard, the decision to give a gong to Salman Rushdie, if only as a nod towards the idea that fiction has at least as much value as Summer Holiday and a … Continue reading

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Yo! Benedict!

The Vatican hierarchy is notorious for being morally supine in the face of wealth and power. It buried Pinochet with honours and encouraged the Albanian pain fetishist, Mother Teresa, in her quest for photo opportunities with the likes of tin-pot … Continue reading

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