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One of the many odd notions peculiar to the religious mindset is that pain is a good thing. This isn’t the same as masochism, which allows that pain is fun, a source of gratification, etc. but does not, I think, … Continue reading

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Fuck off, Binetti

Good news for all those people, like me, who know that the best way of getting rid of Berlusconi is to concentrate votes on the Partito Democratico (PD), but just can’t stomach it while Paola Binetti, fundamentalist catholic and – … Continue reading

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Ditching the bitch

This time PD senator Paola “Mrs Doubtfire” Binetti (see two posts down) really does seem to have gone too far. Following her comment that homosexuals couldn’t control their paedophilic instincts and were therefore disqualified from becoming priests, members of her … Continue reading

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An expert speaks

I’ve had occasion in the past to talk about Paola Binetti, Democratic Party (PD) senator here in Italy, and the prime mover in blocking civil union legislation during Prodi’s ill-fated government. Well, after a period of relative silence, during which … Continue reading

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Roman salute

I don’t live in Rome any more and many of the years I did spend in the city it was ruled by a series of insipid Christian Democrats, their names forgotten, more interested in nest-feathering than the fate of Caput … Continue reading

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You have to live in Italy and speak Italian to get this. It’s one of those tests to see where you stand in the political spectrum. I’m the angry radio. The rest of them are politicians. If you’d like to … Continue reading

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Hate (crimes) postscript

Come on, you don’t need me to translate this for you. Make an effort. Sweat a little. After all, you never know how useful these very words might be on your next trip to Italy. You might bump into a … Continue reading

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Hate (crimes)

The Italian government is in one of its periodic kerfuffles about gay rights and the lack of them. A clause introduced into the long-suffering security bill currently passing through parliament aims to impose sentences for acts of violence or discrimination … Continue reading

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What’s civil about this?

The government is still arguing about exactly what to do with all these people who just don’t want to get married and breed. And not only the government. The Italian president, ex-communist Giorgio Napolitano, threw in his tuppenny-hapenny worth a … Continue reading

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