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Mind your language

Productive dialogue is relatively easy among equals, perhaps because it’s supported by a kind of openness that occurs when no one feels under threat and when the basic aim of the dialogue – greater understanding, a solution amenable to all … Continue reading

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Jobs for the boy

Remember him? That’s right, it’s young Renzo Bossi, son of Umberto “Bingo Bongo” Bossi, currently minister in Papi Berlusconi’s cabinet, may god preserve us. Daddy’s in charge of reform, something that’s sadly needed in the semi-free state of Italy, though … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth, Part Three

Last Tuesday evening, prime time television on the main state channel (RAI 1) was devoted to Silvio Berlusconi,as regular readers of this blog will know. Alternatives to Berlusconi – with the exception of football on Sky – were cancelled or … Continue reading

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Well, Mike Bongiorno’s dead. If you’ve never heard of him you don’t live in Italy; if you do and still haven’t heard of him, you were walled into a television-free zone many decades ago and have since been denied all … Continue reading

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Mud, to be worn with pride

Last Friday, Dino Boffo, the editor of the Catholic newspaper, Avvenire, decided to resign after having been attacked and accused of hypocrisy by one of Berlusconi’s house rags (Il Giornale, owned by his brother). The Vatican accused Il Giornale of … Continue reading

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One of the best things about power is that the rest of us can watch people fall from it. Ceausescu, for example. Who can forget the two-bit tyrant’s face as the crowd beneath his balcony told him, in worm-turning chorus, … Continue reading

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Go to jail. Or not.

As a sop to the thirsty for blood electorate of the Northern League, who seem to regard anyone born south of Florence as, in the words of their noble leader Umberto Bossi, bingo bongo, the Italian government recently voted in … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth, Part Two

Silvio Berlusconi has just taken the extraordinary step of suing Repubblica on the grounds that the ten questions the newspaper has been asking him (click to embiggen above or see here) since the Papi-and-Noemi shit hit the fan last February … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth

Earlier this year Freedom House placed Italy 73rd in its liberty of the press league table, classifying the country as ‘partly free’, a status it shares with Turkey, Burkina Faso and Haiti. This is hardly surprising, given that 80% of … Continue reading

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The right of the strongest

There’s a typically Italian kerfuffle going on here at the moment about the authorisation of Ru486, the pill that induces abortion. It’s used pretty much everywhere in the developed world, but Italy’s taken its time about saying yes, for obvious … Continue reading

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