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Chemical Acorn

I really like this. It comes from a blog called Upset Fruit Bowl, made by David Dingman, “a 19 year old kid living within the soggy depths of Michigan, in the United States.” 

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A froggie would a sacking go

The curator of the exhibition in Bolzano that included this admittedly rather unlovely artwork, by Martin Kippenberger, has just had her contract withdrawn. Corinne Diserens, appointed director of the new Museion to give it a touch of international class and … Continue reading

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Moi Soleil

I haven’t got a lot of time for Jeff Koons. After all, he ruined the reputation of Cicciolina, a perfectly respectable hard-working pornostar-cum-politician in the pre-Berlusconi days when politics in Italy was a serious matter. But I can’t see what’s … Continue reading

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Giuseppe Mallia

If you’d like to see more of Giuseppe’s work, and you’d have to be mad not to, click here.

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Sexual union with Tiger

The Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain has not been invited to India’s first art fair on the grounds that his work depicts a series of Hindu deities without their clothes on. The lady in the work above is the goddess … Continue reading

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I just found this photo on the Facebook page for Brokeback Mountain. It shows the motel where Jack and Ennis made love, or ‘jounced’ in 1969. Yes, I know. But why shouldn’t art bleed into life a little?

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Two days in London

…actually, one and a half days in London, but they followed the same rough pattern as the two days I spent there last autumn and I’m just so self-referential I couldn’t pass this one up. You can find out what … Continue reading

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The line of beauty

I have The Age of Uncertainty to thank for pointing me to this fabulous clip. I wonder how many artists (in Dalì’s case, I use the word advisedly) would be recognised on the equivalent of What’s My Line? today. Damien … Continue reading

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Mother goddess

I don’t know what the rest of this year’s Royal Academy Summer Show, curated by Tracey Emin, is like, but the vase in this photograph from today’s Independent looks wonderful. And so does the possibly involuntary halo around Tracey Emin’s … Continue reading

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No one seems to know who did this. Just as long as they keep their hands off Cellini’s Perseus, seen below from the front and behind – gloriously, almost fetishistically lit, so that he looks like one of those body-buffed … Continue reading

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