I’ve got a (literary) crush on….

af85788f8d5f5167147f3bfe6636b93bBOOKish asked a bunch of writers if we had any literary crushes we were prepared to talk about. Well, it’s St Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I was feeling expansive so I decided to share mine. You can find it here. And no, it isn’t Mary Renault. Honestly. Although it might have been.

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3 Responses to I’ve got a (literary) crush on….

  1. Guy Savage says:

    Well I was getting worried there for a minute as I scrolled down those choices. But after finding your choice, how can I argue?
    I’m hoping to see Nocturnal Animals when it comes out on DVD btw (stars Jake Gyllenhaal) and it’s based on a FAB book: Tony & Susan by Austin Wright if interested.

  2. Hmm yes, definitely. I’ll look it out. And of course I owe to you the fact that Duane and I became a (literary) item!

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