Rome launch

almost corner

If you’re in Rome on Thursday evening (17 March) around 6.30 pm and you’d like to say hello, have a glass of wine and get your hands on a signed copy of my new novel, The Children’s Home, I’ll be at the Almost Corner Bookshop at Via del Moro 45 (Trastevere).


I look forward to seeing you there!


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2 Responses to Rome launch

  1. Hi, my mother’s maiden name was Lambert and she had a distant cousin who worked at Faber with Eliot. I wonder if you are connected?
    I grew up in Sussex but moved to Oregon, USA in the early 80s. I have published four poetry collections and a memoir. Info:

    • Judith, I’m so sorry, I’ve only just found your comment. I don’t think there’s any family connection. My father’s family came from Lancashire and Scotland and, unfortunately, had no Faber connections as far as I know! But thanks for getting in touch with me. I’ll be taking a look at your site. And once again, I do apologise!

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