One morning.

Some time ago I was asked by the Italian Institute of Germanic Studies in Rome to contribute a story to an issue of their review dedicated to Kafka and edited by Giorgio Manacorda. The issue has now been published and is also available online here. You need to click on SOMMARIO (twice, for some reason) to get to the story, and to a host of other stories, essays and other pieces inspired by Kafka in one way or another, in a variety of languages. My own story was triggered by the kind of news story involving an abuse of power that people tend to describe as Kafkaesque; others have approached the author from different angles. I imagine though that we have in common the belief, or hope, that literature can be the axe to break the frozen sea within us, or at least chip away a few fragments at the edge of it.

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2 Responses to One morning.

  1. Frank Monaghan says:

    I shall look forward to it! I’m just re-reading Der Prozess/TheTrial, which I haven’t touched since graduating in 1978 and am remembering just how funny a writer he is – though maybe that says more about my sense of humour than him.

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