With a Zero at its Heart: Update (2)

zero coverBack with some recent links to ZERO-related stuff: two interviews, a review, a piece on the structure of the book in response to a request from Isabel Costello, and some news. The first interview, with Megan Taylor, appeared in the very fine online literary magazine The View from Here, sadly no longer with us. I talk about formal constraints, truth, lucky jockstraps and books that have made me cry. You can find the interview here.

The second interview is available in the first issue of the brand-new Rome-based magazine, Lotus-Eater.  (Le roi est mort, vive le roi!). Elizabeth Geoghegan asked me questions about format, being an open book, spirituality, the significance of the Coda and what I’m busy with at the moment. If you want to know what I said, you can find the interview by clicking on the link above, which will take you to the PDF file. The interview is on p. 58, but you really should take a look at what else the magazine has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

The review comes from a blog I hadn’t come across before called The Only Way is Reading, run by Colin Stewart and well worth taking a look at, and not only because he loved ZERO. You can see what he has to say about it here. There’s also a photo of a mouth-wateringly good bacon and brown sauce sandwich.

Last week, Isabel Costello asked me to relax a moment on her literary sofa and tell her why With a Zero at its Heart is the way it is. And that’s exactly what I did.

Finally, it looks as though ZERO will be coming out as an audio book. What makes this particularly exciting for me is that I’ll be reading it myself. With any other novel of mine, I’d be more than happy to have someone else take on the task – I don’t do voices, I don’t do accents – but this book is special to me and I’m delighted that I’ll be the one to record it. More news about this later.

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